AWW Boundary Breaker: 

  • Breaking down barriers, whether, institutional or economical to achieve a goal
  • Limitation in finance or education has not stopped their personal achievements

AWW Silence Breaker:

  • One who has used their past experiences as catalyst for change
  • Spirited integrity in the face of adversity


AWW Wave Maker

  • One who has paved way for future generations
  • Created resources for the underprivileged and disadvantaged, (an individual or a community)


AWW Young Achiever

  • Ages 16 – 24
  • Recognizing an up and coming young achiever who is in involved in community service or community outreach
  • Current student and attending school


AWW Sister’s Reach Award

  • An individual, sister or sister friend who you want to recognize as “going through the fire” with you, sometimes at the expense of her own needs to ensure their sister/sister friend moved forward.
  • This nomination is based on a solid friendship or sisterhood for 20 years or more, based on truth, honor and love.
  • Nomination must include a short synopsis of the character of the Nominee, as well as her outstanding attributes and what she has done for you


AWW Parent’s Recognition Award

  • Recognize efforts by parents who have greatly impacted your life by living an exemplar life – never compromising their integrity and instilling Godly values in their child(ren)
  • Nomination must include a short synopsis of the sacrifices/obstacles/made by parent(s).


EVP Renaissance Woman’s Award (EVP will nominate)

  • A woman who has preserved through trials and tribulations and playing a role in the growth in their community, either, economically, governmentally or socially.
  • A proven track record of developing and executing effective solutions for the benefit of humanity


Young Maestro Award

Endless Voice Productions newest award added to the 2020 roster. Because EVP is focused on the arts, we want to acknowledge and encourage youth who have shown an interest in the arts in any capacity. The winner of this award will have the opportunity to perform in one of EVP’s upcoming plays or events.

  • Youth ages 10 – 18
  • Exhibits exceptional talent in the arts (acting, singing, drawing, playing an instrument, dance, or poetry, etc…)
  • Has used their gift at least once in one public forum
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