Sheryl Hatwood

CEO of Endless Voice Productions

Sheryl Hatwood, is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and playwright.  She is also the owner of Endless Voice Productions LLC (EVP), a company she utilizes to showcase her creativity via theatrical productions.  Sheryl also host inspiring events which seek to edify and inform her audiences.   As an accomplished pianist, lyricist, and songwriter, she integrates various art forms into her theatrical productions as well as her events.  She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a BSc in Legal Studies.

The release of her theatrical production The Wounded Soul, EVP’s in 2017 was based on her life story, and the abuses she had suffered.  The feedback catalyzed the creation of the annual A Woman’s Worth Awards, an event held in March of each year to honor women who used their challenges in life to help others.

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Sheryl has been given opportunities across multiple platforms, media and live appearances to share her story.  Her purpose is to inspire others into overcoming their adversities.