Eligibility Requirements:

  1. United States Citizen or Permanent Resident
  2. Verifiable information of their efforts.
  3. Age 21+ (exception Youth Awards)
  4. A role model of high ethical values
  5. Demonstrated leadership attributes with a social conscience

This year we will be honoring six (6) women who have done outstanding work in their communities.  In addition, we will acknowledge and honor a young achiever who is currently enrolled in school and involved in some form of community service/outreach and a young achiever with exceptional talent in the arts!

Who is a candidate for an AWW Award?

This woman has greatly impacted the lives of others.  She is an outstanding citizen who displays a spirited integrity in the face of adversity and does not allow institutional barriers to limit her goals.  She has used her past experiences as a catalyst for change to create resources for other women who have been underprivileged and/or disadvantaged.  She is a woman who understands that planting seeds of kindness is a way to help others.

Do you know such a woman?  Nominate her today!

AWW Award

  • Six (6) Honorees who best represent the mission of AWW in their community

AWW Young Achiever

  • Ages 16 – 24
  • Recognizing an up and coming young achiever who is involved in community service and/or community outreach
  • Currently attending school

AWW Young Maestro

  • Youth ages 10 – 18
  • Exhibits exceptional talent in the arts (acting, singing, drawing, playing an instrument, dance, or poetry, etc…)
  • Has used their gift at least once in a public forum